• The Main Hall

  • Our Maths Board

  • Music in the Air

  • Our Visit from a String Quartet

  • We Made Fruit Milkshake

  • London Architecture

  • Let's go to the Seaside

  • London Tour

  • Rosie said Yes

  • Bramble and Rosie tie the knot

  • Pals Big Red Bus

  • Dinosaur Landscape

  • Pals Train Station

  • Rhyming Stories

  • Our Outdoor Area

  • Making Music outdoors

  • Down on the Farm

  • Gone Milking

  • Let's visit the Farm

  • Retrieving information from books

  • It's raining

  • The Scarecrows Wedding

  • Help our Arctic Foxes are frozen!

  • Our Leaf Creatures

  • Exploring Autumn

  • Our Arctic Role Play Area

  • Colour Mixing in the Snow

  • Autumn painting

  • Camping Role Play

  • Make your own Mini Beast

  • Looking at similarities and differences

  • Exploring Minibeasts

  • Porthole Portraits

  • Our Transport Display

  • Have you travelled to London?

  • Understanding the World

  • Our Forest area

    With special thanks to Luke from A & B Tree Care

  • Watering our Potatoes and Onions

  • Our Phonic Sounds

  • Small World Play

  • Handa's Surprise

  • Autumn Counting

  • Forming Letters

  • Winter Wonderland

  • Our Role Play Library

  • We Can Make a Rainbow

  • Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs

  • Our Dinosaur Models

  • Our Bird Watching Hide

  • We made a Jungle Obstacle Course

  • We built a den

  • Our Hen House

  • Parachute games

  • Our Maths Table

  • Montessori Cylinders

  • Exploring Autumn Colour

  • Pals Castle

  • Our Winter Scene

  • Our Winter Pictures

  • Our Mothers Day Cards

  • How many Inuits?

  • Where Do You Live?

  • Our Carrot Crop

  • Harvesting Our Potatoes

  • Role Play Garden Centre

  • Our autumn paintings

  • Ten Green Bottles

  • Pals staff

  • Autumn Leaves are Falling down

  • We painted to music at different tempos

  • A visit from some baby chicks

  • Exploring the seaside

  • Tissue Paper Sunflower

  • Mixing Colours

  • Exploring Paint Outdoors

  • Our Bird Display

  • Our Phonics

  • Role Play Vets

  • Montessori Addition and Subtraction

  • Matching Numeral to Quantity

  • Exploring Texture

  • Our Camouflage Animals

  • Bear Snores On

  • Collage Numbers

  • Our Rangoli Patterns

  • Understanding the World

  • Welcome to Pals

  • Pals Art Gallery

  • Our Russian Dolls

  • All ready for our Summer Show

  • Our Stone Bugs

  • At the Seaside

  • Our Ice Cream Shop

  • We have been to the Zoo

  • Our Summer Display

  • Our 3D Dear Zoo Display

  • Our Seaside Display

  • Exploring Animals

  • Our Outdoor Spring Display

  • Our Tin Foil Lizards

  • Safari Animals

  • I Spy Animals

  • We all went on Safari

  • Down in the Jungle

  • Role Play House

  • Frogs and Snails

  • Outdoor book area

  • Matching environmental colours

  • String Painting

  • Our camouflage den

  • Our apple bird feeders

  • Orienteering

  • Tactile numbers

  • Mark making outdoors

  • Owl Babies

  • Outdoor play

  • The book corner

  • Exploring geometric shapes

  • Dear Zoo

  • Porridge Oats

  • We explored textures

  • Our owl house

  • Some of our favourite stories

  • Our winter nature collage

  • Role play hospital

  • Winter weather

  • Our Arctic display

  • Our junk model snow robot

  • Role play shop

This week we have been talking about Diwali and Fireworks

Our aims & values

Our aim is to prepare your child both socially and educationally for primary school, and hope that when the time comes they will join their new school with confidence.

We create a stimulating environment where children are able to gain language for communication and thinking and use their skills to find solutions to problems tackle new challenges and increase their sustained shared thinking.  To this end we employ both highly motivated and qualified staff.

The children have opportunities to explore and learn through play and first hand experiences and take risks within a safe environment. We provide a wide range of activities including Montessori equipment.

We value the children as individuals, welcoming their ideas and involvement in the setting, allowing them to learn at their own pace to reach their full potential.  In order to achieve this we continually monitor the children’s progress through observation. We also acknowledge that each child brings their own unique contributions and experiences to the setting.  We encourage this in a variety of ways including bringing in special items from home and singing solos at music time.  We also have two resident bears who like to spend weekends at home with the children which provides a further link with home. 


We operate a key person system to ensure that no child is overlooked. The key person works closely with the children building up a relationship with them and getting to know each child’s interests and characteristics.  They also liaise with the main carers and keep the children’s records up to date which are sent home regularly. However, we work closely as a team therefore all staff build good relationships with all the children in our care.


Our sessions allow for plenty of free play, and yet have a definite structure to them. We have a theme each half term, and we link this into the Early Years Foundation Stage. We do have a small group activity each day that links in with the Goverment Letters and Sounds programme. We focus on listening, rhyming, storytelling, phonics and also do some maths work. We cook quite often with the children, and have daily P.E., music and story sessions. Linked to our P.E. we also have a Sports day in the summer. We endeavour to access the outdoor area wherever possible; as well as using our designated outdoor area we also use the wooded and grass areas which give the children opportunities to discover the wonderful world of nature. The children are of course kept safe and supervised while outside.
Healthy snacks are provided: bread, fruit and milk or water. These are shared socially around a table with both adults and children.
From time to time we do have visits from various people within the community, i.e. Police, Fire Brigade, Dental Nurses, Vets, Librarians and others.

For children not yet old enough to receive the Free Early Education entitlement the fees are currently £16.75 per session. These are payable in advance half termly.

Children living within the Borough of Bromley are currently eligible for Free Early  Education entitlement at the start of the term after their third birthday. Funding is also available for some 2 year olds. This pays for up to 5 3 hour sessions per week for 38 weeks a year. For the extra 15 minutes per session we charge £3:79.

The extended sessions are charged at £10:00 and extended entitlement funding can be used for 2 hours in each afternoon session.

If for any reason you need to withdraw your child from Pals then 6 academic weeks notice are required. Failure to give such notice will result in 6 weeks fees being due in lieu of notice.


Get in touch with us

Call us on 0203 370 1700
What colour is a blue apple?

Term dates 2018-2019

Autumn 2018  

Mon 3rd September - Friday 14th December   

Half Term: 22nd October-26th October

Spring 2019:

Monday 7th January - Friday 5th April

Half Term 18th -22nd February

Summer 2019:

Tuesday 23rd April - Friday 19th July

Bank Holiday Monday 6th May

Half Term 27th - 31st May 



Half Term 28th May 1st June




Half term:  28th May - 1st June