• The Main Hall

  • Music in the Air

  • Our Visit from a String Quartet

  • We Made Fruit Milkshake

  • London Architecture

  • Let's go to the Seaside

  • London Tour

  • Rosie said Yes

  • Bramble and Rosie tie the knot

  • Pals Big Red Bus

  • Dinosaur Landscape

  • Pals Train Station

  • Rhyming Stories

  • Our Outdoor Area

  • Making Music outdoors

  • Down on the Farm

  • Gone Milking

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  • It's raining

  • The Scarecrows Wedding

  • Help our Arctic Foxes are frozen!

  • Our Leaf Creatures

  • Exploring Autumn

  • Our Arctic Role Play Area

  • Colour Mixing in the Snow

  • Autumn painting

  • Camping Role Play

  • Make your own Mini Beast

  • Looking at similarities and differences

  • Exploring Minibeasts

  • Porthole Portraits

  • Our Transport Display

  • Have you travelled to London?

  • Understanding the World

  • Our Forest area

    With special thanks to Luke from A & B Tree Care

  • Watering our Potatoes and Onions

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  • Forming Letters

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  • Pals Castle

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  • Our Winter Pictures

  • Our Mothers Day Cards

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  • Where Do You Live?

  • Our Carrot Crop

  • Harvesting Our Potatoes

  • Role Play Garden Centre

  • Our autumn paintings

  • Ten Green Bottles

  • Pals staff

  • Autumn Leaves are Falling down

  • We painted to music at different tempos

  • A visit from some baby chicks

  • Exploring the seaside

  • Tissue Paper Sunflower

  • Mixing Colours

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  • We all went on Safari

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  • Our camouflage den

  • Our apple bird feeders

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  • Mark making outdoors

  • Owl Babies

  • Outdoor play

  • The book corner

  • Exploring geometric shapes

  • Dear Zoo

  • Porridge Oats

  • We explored textures

  • Our owl house

  • Some of our favourite stories

  • Our winter nature collage

  • Role play hospital

  • Winter weather

  • Our Arctic display

  • Our junk model snow robot

  • Role play shop

What Do I Look Like ?
Written by Administrator  

This week the children have been looking in the mirror and thinking about what they look like as they have created some self portraits which we will use to make a display in the coming weeks.  While doing this they have been able to think about similarities and differences as they have thought about their hair and eye colour for example. Whilst outside the children have really enjoyed selling their wares in our grocers shop and also enjoyed sorting and scooping our pasta and natural objects.

Our new children have settled in really well and we are looking forward to recommencing our extended sessions next week.





Welcome Back 2018
Written by Administrator  

It has been lovely to welcome all the children back to the autumn term this week. Our returning children have been fantastic in helping us make all our new children feel welcome and a part of Pals and as a result they are settling in beautifully.

We are celebrating the summer weather for as long as possible this year and have been talking to the children about what they have done over the holidays this week. As well as drawing some pictures of what they have been up to they have also had the opportunity to explore shape whilst creating some pictures of the park and farm and their sense of touch by creating some textured beach pictures and also  lollies!!


We're going to the Seaside
Written by Administrator  

We harvested the last of our harvest this week and we have gathered in over about 150 potatoes - not bad from 14 planted!!

Inspired by one of their favourite stories "Oliver's Vegetables" the children were really keen to make chips from them despite our suggestions of potato salad  or boiled potatoes with butter. So light fat spray in hand we set about cleaning, cutting and spraying our potatoes before oven cooking them for snack some days this week. The childrens verdict - delicious!!

Summer Show 2018
Written by Administrator  

We were so proud of the children at the on Wednesday. They have been so involved in everything for our Summer Show  choosing the songs, helping create the displays and of course putting on such an amazing performance for you all.

At the end of the session on Thursday we had a mini sports day event where the children bunny hopped for carrots, balanced bean bags on their heads and balanced eggs on spoons. We think they had fun......

Wishing you all a wonderful summer break and looking forward to September


Come with me to the Beach
Written by Administrator  

This week we have created a seaside in the role play area where the children have enjoyed playing in our pop up boat, relaxing in our deckchairs and serving each other ice creams from the beach cafe!! Outside we have created a real beach in our large tray with sand, water and small world sea creatures.

Also outside we have been very busy harvesting our potatoes  (120 so far and counting) and watering some or our marigolds that we have transferred to our planters now.

During the afternoons the children have continued to practice changing for P.E. and on Tuesday the children created their own junk instruments.