Jack and the Beanstalk
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This week we have turned our attention to one of our favourite traditional tales - Jack the the Beanstalk which fits in very well with our caring for the environment theme as we have continued to explore growing with the children.  This week they have had the opportunity to experiment with different techniques to create their own pictures of beanstalks and the children on Tuesday afternoon took home a bean in a jar which they will hopefully be able to see shoot.

Our sunflower from last week is beginning to shoot, do keep us posted as to how yours are doing at home.




Our Sunflowers
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This week despite the showers outside we have been planting sunflowers. Please keep them on a sunny windowsill when you get home and once the plant is shooting up plant the whole of the pot in a sunny spot outside. We would love to see some photographs later on in the summer just to see how big the sunflowers are all growing...!!

Did you know that Thursday was "Lost Sock Day" and we celebrated by reading sock related stories!

On Tuesday afternoon we made the most of the sunshine and spentall of the time after lunch outside. We read a story in the log area before making some rubbings of different patterns on the church building and finished the afternoon off with a phonics game. The children had to run to the correct phonic letter when they saw an object.

On Thursday afternoons the children are continuing to practice changing for PE and are doing very well.

Eco Planters
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Many thanks to those of you who have brought in an Eco Planter - we have enjoyed seeing all the upcycled items that have been used and our outdoor area is looking very colourful.

Meanwhile we have been thinking about recycling during the sessions and the children have enjoyed creating some pictures using recycled paper and sweet wrappers.

The potatoes and onions we planted last half term are growing well and the children have been helping to keep them watered - we have even used the water from the water tray during the water to minimise water wastage.



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This week we have been focusing on recycling with the children and they have used recycled card to make book marks and old newspaper to create both flowers and also dalmatian dogs.  On Tuesday afternoon the children helped us sort our rubbish into paper and plastics and also put all our food waste into our food recycling box while we spoke about making compost.

On Thursday afternoon the children practised getting changed independently before doing some P.E in preparation for school.

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Despite Easter being so late this year we couldn't finish the term without celebrating. The children have created a variety of Easter cards for their families and we have been enjoying Hot Cross Buns at snack time this week.

During our afternoon sessions we have been busy creating some pictures to send to a school in Namimbia which we have been able to partner with through a Christian charity that one of our parents run.  We will be sending some childrens books about London as well as some photographs of our pre-school and some of the childrens art work to them over the Easter holiday.



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