Autumn Colours
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This week we have turned our attention to autumn colours. On Tuesday afternoon the children went on a colour hunt outside and they had to find something in the natural environment to match their swatch cards. During the mornings in the week amongst other activities the children were able to explore how to make some of the autumn colours such as orange and brown  when they mixed their own colours.

On Thursday afternoon the children made some wonderful transient art using natural objects outside.

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On Tuesday Becky from Church came to talk to the children about Harvest. They enjoyed playing a game bending like a banana,spinning round to make a round orange and curling up small like a rasberry before hearing about different foods that we thank God for at Harvest time.

Following on from that in the afternoons the children have explored a variety of vegetables - cutting and smelling them before drawing them and then printing with them later in the week. The children then enjoyed listening to the story "Oliver's Vegetables" in the Log area.

Who do I Live With?
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This week we have turned our attention to who we live with and have explored this a little through books and discussion about both our immediate and our extended families. On Friday the children helped create a lovely display board which we have named "How Many People Live in Your House?".

Tuesday was our first extended session of the year and our focus of families was a lovely conversation opener around the lunch table.

During both extended sessions the children have spent some time discussing how to keep safe before we went out to explore the beautiful church grounds and enjoy a story in our log area.

Where Do I Live?
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This week we have turned our attention to where we live and the children have created both 2D and 3D houses. In the role play area we have created a shoe shop and the children have loved trying on different sized shoes, boxing them up and using the till to tot up the sales!

during the morning outside the children have been exploring a worms habitat with cut up spaghetti in soil in our builders tray and in the afternoons they have created some art inspired by one of our favourite books Leaf Man, as well as making a lovely leaf fresco painting leaves and then splattering them with paint. It looks beautiful - do take a look

What Do I Look Like ?
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This week the children have been looking in the mirror and thinking about what they look like as they have created some self portraits which we will use to make a display in the coming weeks.  While doing this they have been able to think about similarities and differences as they have thought about their hair and eye colour for example. Whilst outside the children have really enjoyed selling their wares in our grocers shop and also enjoyed sorting and scooping our pasta and natural objects.

Our new children have settled in really well and we are looking forward to recommencing our extended sessions next week.