We're going to the Seaside
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We harvested the last of our harvest this week and we have gathered in over about 150 potatoes - not bad from 14 planted!!

Inspired by one of their favourite stories "Oliver's Vegetables" the children were really keen to make chips from them despite our suggestions of potato salad  or boiled potatoes with butter. So light fat spray in hand we set about cleaning, cutting and spraying our potatoes before oven cooking them for snack some days this week. The childrens verdict - delicious!!

Come with me to the Beach
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This week we have created a seaside in the role play area where the children have enjoyed playing in our pop up boat, relaxing in our deckchairs and serving each other ice creams from the beach cafe!! Outside we have created a real beach in our large tray with sand, water and small world sea creatures.

Also outside we have been very busy harvesting our potatoes  (120 so far and counting) and watering some or our marigolds that we have transferred to our planters now.

During the afternoons the children have continued to practice changing for P.E. and on Tuesday the children created their own junk instruments.

The World Cup
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This week the children have been creating flags and footballers of the World while we have continued to celebrate summer. At the same time they have been very busy as we have created some back drops for our summer show.

In the role play area they have thoroughly enjoyed our shoe shop theme and of course our supply of shoes includes some suitable football wear! Many thanks to all who have contributed shoe boxes and even discarded pairs of shoes which are always welcome.



Summer Gallery
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This week we have returned to London as the children have created some London scenes for our fundraising morning at the end of term.

Outside we have been enjoying the weather and the children have loved messing about with water both in our large trays and also whilst using our pots and pans in the new outdoor kitchen.

On Tuesday afternoon we welcomed a string quartet from Bromley High School and the children joined in with great enthusiasm as they learnt a sung version of the story alongside the string quartet.

Fathers Day
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This week the children have been creating cards for the men in their life and have particularly enjoyed creating a dinosaur variety.

Meanwhile during P.E. we have rehearsed some of our summer show familiarising the children with which part they will be in.  Over the last year we have purchased several new CDs which we use both at P.E. and also during circle time and the children LOVE all the songs we have learnt  - often requesting their favourite. We have such fun at circle and P.E. time!