Exercise keeps us healthy
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We are really pleased with how our new children have settled in this week and it has been lovely to see some of our older ones taking care of them.

We kicked the New Year off thinking about how exercise keeps us healthy encouraging the children to feel their hearts before and after PE. Our resident bears Bramble and Rosie are wearing football gear and dance wear to showcase some of the different ways we can exercise and the children enjoyed creating their own sports wear designs at the art table on Friday.

At the same time we have been thinking about other things that are good for us such as fresh air, sleep and healthy food.


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This week the children have been decorating tealights as well as trying their hand at some other Christmas crafts - we will send home all their christmas masterpieces next week. As we have begun to put the script together with our Nativity songs this week we have been allocating parts to the children who will be moving onto school in the summer. The younger children fulfill a very important role as our choir - we are looking forward to performing it for you all.

In the role play area this week the children have enjoyed using our hairdressers heads with brushes, rollers and clips and on our small world tables they have explored our Winter wonderland scene, used the diggers and bricks and even had a trip to London with our London town set. 

During the afternoon sessions we have been exploring one of the children's favourite stories "Stick Man". On Tuesday the children collected their own sticks and then made their own stick men and also painted using sticks on Thursday afternoon. What a busy week!!


Stained Glass Windows
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We  have begun to work on some Christmas crafts - all of which will come home towards the end of term.  This week to start us off the children have been creating some stained glass windows with black card and tissue paper. We have also begun to learn our nativity songs and put some signing with them - the children seem to be learning the songs quite rapidly and we are looking forward to them singing with gusto at our Nativity in December.

On Friday morning some of the children experimented with our new recording pegs singing songs or talking into them and then loving hearing their voices back.

Christmas Cards
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This week the children have been busy making some very festive Christmas cards on the activity table - once again we will send these home a little nearer to Christmas.

Our role play area this week has been transformed into a Vets Surgery and the children have taken great card of all the pets in their care. In the lounge the children have enjoyed using our bikes and buggies negotiating the Zebra crossing and also paying good attention to all our road signs. 

On Tuesday afternoon we created an amazing lava lamp using oil, water, food colour and alka seltzer. During the afternoon on Thursday the children enjoyed using our sound recorders first of all listening to a recording and  guessing which staff member it was and then making their own voice recordings.


Diwali and Fireworks 2018
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This week we have turned our attention to some autumn festivals as we have talked about both Diwali and Fireworks night. The children have enjoyed using a range of techniques at the activity table to make some  some beautiful firework pictures and also some some Rangoli patterns and some CD tea light holders as we have learnt a little about Diwali.

At circle time we have begun to learn some new songs in preparation for our Nativity Play which really is only four and a half weeks away....!!