1st July 2020.

Dear Parents and Carers,

We wanted to make contact before the end of term both with the families that have returned to Pals and those that we are looking forward to seeing once again in September.

We are pleased to have welcomed a good number of children back to Pals during June and are immensely proud of how the children have adjusted to the new routine and taken all the changes in their stride. We have managed to give them a varied timetable and they seem to have really enjoyed being back and the staff have certainly loved being back with them.

Autumn Term:

As I am sure you will be aware the Government is expecting schools to be fully open in September. Early Years Guidance is due out at the end of this week, and I am hoping that we will be largely back to normal. It may be that we will need to continue to operate in bubbles, although these are now allowed to be much larger at up to 16 in each group and that could be easily managed during our sessions. We will of course keep you posted.

Welcome Back Morning

Please note that ALL children who are returning in September are invited in on the first day of term – Tuesday 1st September for our “Welcome back” session. This is an annual event but this year more than ever, I think it will be a really important opportunity for those children returning to meet up again after such a long break and familiarise themselves with the pre-school and one another before we begin to welcome our new starters! Please put this in your diary regardless of whether your child will be attending on Tuesdays or not. In particular those children who have not been with us since March will particularly benefit we believe from this somewhat quieter morning to meet up with old friends!

Increasing Sessions:

Should you wish your child to increase their sessions at any point over the next academic year then please let Teresa know as soon as possible if you have not already been in touch. Many thanks.


Extended Sessions:

We are planning to resume our extended sessions on Tuesday 15th September. These run until 2:45 on a Tuesday and a Thursday afternoon and are largely for our older children off to school the following September. The children bring a packed lunch which they eat together with the staff. After lunch we do a lot of activities in the Church ground and some more focused activities. The cost of these sessions is £12:50 per session and if you are eligible for the Government extended entitlement, then this covers 2 hours fees and there is a balance payable for the remaining time.


Website Testimonials:

We get a lot of enquiries via our website and it is often the first port of call for families who are looking at a place for their child at Pals. We would be very grateful if you felt you would like to post a testimonial on the website for us. This is very easy to do – just click on testimonial on the homepage:


May we take this opportunity to wish you all a very safe and happy summer and to wish all our school leavers the very best.

Teresa, Laura, Nicola, Ashley, Janet, Lara, Linley, Liz and Sarah