2nd November 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

We hope you all enjoyed a break over our extended half term and we are pleased to welcome you all back to the second half of the autumn term. 

As we return we would like to remind you of the importance of following our Covid policies and procedures. The Government campaign of Hands, Face, Space are more important than ever as we go through the winter months and we are very grateful for your continued vigilance.

  • We are very grateful to you all for continuing to respect social distances on arrival and pick up and adhering to our one way system.
  • We will continue to be at the door to welcome children between 9:15 and 9:30 but would appreciate if you could endeavour to be no later than this. Many thanks.
  • Please continue to monitor your Childs temperature and general health before bringing them to Pals. If you are in any doubt then we ask you to err on the side of caution and keep them at home. If you are concerned it could be Covid it is of course important that you arrange a test and that they do not return until a negative test has been obtained. Should your child have a Covid test then please forward the results to us once received.
  • We continue to wash all the childrens hand on arrival and throughout the session and also to clean every single table, chair and toy that has been out for the children to enjoy during the mornings. It is time consuming but vital and we are now in a good routine with it. However, please forgive us if this means we do not always have the children’s art work to hand at the end of the session.

Nasal Flu Spray

Bromley are encouraging all parents to ensure their child receives the Nasal flu spray. Flu can be horrible for young children and they can easily pass it on to those around them even if they don’t show symptoms. The free nasal spray is easier to give to children than the injection and is the best way to protect your child and prevent the spread!

Primary School Admissions:

If your child was born between 1st September 2016 and 31st August 2017 then you are able to apply online now for their primary school place. Details are available on Bromley’s website. www.bromley.gov.uk/info/13/primary_school_admissions You will be able to amend and upload any documents right up to the close date of 15th January should you wish. Please note that as verification of your school application the Borough will require a letter from the Child Benefit Department regardless of whether you are eligible for receipt of this or not. We would strongly recommend that you apply for this as this can take some time



 Childrens clothing:

Please be aware that we are outdoors most days and your child will therefore need a suitable outdoor coat for the colder weather. Please ensure that your child’s coat and jumpers/cardigans are labelled to enable us to return items to the right child at the end of the session!


Universal and Extended Funding

If your child has their 3rd birthday this term then they will be eligible for universal funding from January. Please ensure you return any Parental Declarations and copies of Birth Certificates to Teresa ASAP. You may also be eligible for extended funding (which can be used towards our extended sessions). Please log onto www.childcarechoices.gov.uk and follow the link to check your eligibility.


Over the next three weeks we will be thinking about autumn, including exploring Firework night and Diwali. After that we will turn our attention to some Christmas crafts.

We are so sad that we will not be able to put on our usual Nativity performance this year. Despite the fact that people are able to gather in a Covid secure way in churches, we feel very strongly that it is too big a risk and we most certainly don’t want to be responsible for any passing on of infection particularly in the lead up to Christmas.

We are however planning to do a nativity with the children during the last week of term and they will have the opportunity to learn all the nativity songs from one of our favourite nativities “Shine, Star, Shine. All the children will be able to dress up in costume and the older children will act out the story.

We are also planning to send home a special Christmas photograph of each child in costume together of course with the usual Christmas crafts that the children will be making.

On Thursday 17th and Friday 18th December we are planning to have two festive party sessions. The children will enjoy some free play for the first part of the session as normal and then we will provide some festive food (nut and dairy free) before enjoying some party games with the children. We are sure that the “big man himself” will be able to make a special delivery for all of the children somehow.


Extended Sessions:

Please note that there will be no extended sessions during the last week of term. The final extended session this term will therefore be on Thursday 10th December.


Website Testimonials:

We hope that you all find the information on our website useful. We post the plans for the week on a Friday afternoon which we hope gives you an insight into some of the things the children have been up to during the week. We do also add photographs of some of the activities which we hope may prove especially useful while parental access to the setting is restricted.

One of the challenges we face due to Covid restrictions is how to enable prospective parents to look around the setting. We are arranging visits out of hours on a one to one basis, but this of course doesn’t really show parents what our sessions entail or enable them to gauge our interactions with the children. With this in mind, we would particularly welcome parents posting testimonials on the website at the moment, as this will in some measure give parents an insight into parental satisfaction. If you would like to post a testimonial then please click on the testimonial link on the home page.


Please be aware that despite the current restrictions we are always happy to arrange a time to talk to you should you wish to discuss your child’s progress or any concerns you may have.


Teresa, Laura, Nicola, Ashley, Janet, Lara, Linley, Liz and Sarah