Windy Weather

This week we have been thinking about windy weather and we are very happy that the elements obliged - so much so that we thought it was too windy (and wet!) for the children to go out and fly the kites they had made on Tuesday afternoon. We hope that they may have had a chance to try them out since they took them home. On Thursday afternoon the children held balloon races blowing their balloons with a straw. During the morning sessions the children have- made wind socks and experimented with creating wind themselves when they tried to use a straw to blow paint across their paper and to create bubble paints.


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Term dates 2019 -2020

Autumn 2019:  
Mon 2nd September - Fri 13th December
Half term : 21st -25th October 
Spring 2020:  
Mon 6th January - Fri 3rd April
Half term: 17th - 21st Febuary
Summer 2020:
Mon 20th April - Fri 17th July
( Bank Holiday Friday 8th May )
Half term: 25th - 29th May

Autumn 2020:  

Tuesday 1st September - Friday 18th December

Half Term 19th -30th October


Spring 2021:

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Half Term: 15th - 19th February


Summer 2021:

Monday 19th April - Friday 23rd July

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Half term: 31st May - 4th June