The Koala who Could

Week commencing January 25th we will be exploring the Book “The Koala who could” which is written by Rachel Bright. We have a collection of Rachel’s books which are all good for discussing Personal. Social and Emotional topics with the children

The story is about a Koala who was hesitant to try anything new that is until a woodpecker causes his tree to fall down! Throughout the story Kevin the Koala’s friends encourage him to come down from his tree and try things. Once again you can find this on YouTube.

Our activities next week will include:

1.       Talking about things we may be frightened to try, trying new things and what makes us feel brave?

2.     Talk about friendships, how we can make friends and be kind to our friends.

3.     Explore a variety of animals native to Australia including Koalas, kangaroos, platypuses, and kookaburras. We have a variety of books on Australian animals and also a favourite song about Australian animals with a collection of small world animals to go with the animals listed.

4.     Explore language that may be new to the children including some unfamiliar animal names such as “Marsupial” “Wombat and “Dingo”.

5.     Point out the alliteration in the book for example “Kevin the koala, “Kevin was king”, “These three things” and “Thanks for the thought”. Can the children hear the repeating sound at the beginning of these words?

6.     Look at our globe and large atlas to see where Australia is and also discover some features of Australia. For example the fact that summer in Australia is in our winter and that some Australians have barbecues on the beach for Christmas day

7.     Making up our own words to rhyme with some of the couplets in the book

8.     Look closely at the illustrations with the children and see what they can see. For example can they see where Kevin sleeps (in a hammock)

9.     Painting or drawing pictures to create our own illustrations of the story


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