This half term we are going to spend sometime learning about ourselves, starting off by exploring some of the children’s favourite things – what they like playing with, where they like to go and what are their favourite stories.


Here are just some of the things we will be doing:


  • Self-Portraits. The children will paint their own portrait and then be able to look at similarities and differences. How many of us have dark hair or blonde hair and what colour eyes do we have? We have a lovely song called “Self Portrait” to accompany this activity
  • We will explore in some depth what the children enjoy playing with and what they like doing. We will also explore their favourite stories and read as many of these as we can!      
  • We will explore our families and the children will have the opportunity to talk about who lives with them and draw their families. This is an excellent opportunity to explore diversity with the children, we all look different, and no family is exactly the same!
  • As well as reading some of the children’s favourite books we will also explore some of the following titles:

“All Kinds of Homes”, I Love my Hair”, “Susan Laughs”, “My Best Friend”, “Wait and See”, “The Doorbell Rang” and “Full, full, full of love”


Pals Events Calendar

Term dates 2021 -2022


AUTUMN 2021:  
Mon 6th  September - Fri 17th December
Half term : 18th -29th October 
SPRING 2022:  
Tues 4th January - Fri 1st April
Half term: 14th - 18th Febuary
SUMMER 2022:
Tues 19th April - Fri 22ndJuly
( Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May )
Half term: 30th May - 3rd June