Autumn Leaves

This week we have been enjoying some lovely autumn sunshine and the children have enjoyed a variety of activities outside. During the morning they have negotiated our tyres with the trikes and bikes, played with the straw and mud in our small world farmyard and of course continued to serve up a variety of delicacies from our outdoor house and mud kitchen!

On Tuesday afternoon the children  made play dough faces using natural resources to add the facial features. On Thursday the children continued to hone their listening skills outside playing a listening game with musical instruments before making their own.



Pals Events Calendar

Term dates 2018-2019

Autumn 2018  

Mon 3rd September - Friday 14th December   

Half Term: 22nd October-26th October

Spring 2019:

Monday 7th January - Friday 5th April

Half Term 18th -22nd February

Summer 2019:

Tuesday 23rd April - Friday 19th July

Bank Holiday Monday 6th May

Half Term 27th - 31st May 



Half Term 28th May 1st June




Half term:  28th May - 1st June