This is the Bear
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This week we have been looking at "This is the Bear". In all there are 4 deligthfully rhyming books in this series in which this veryappealing little bear manages to have all sorts of adventures whilst the children manage to hear all sorts of rhyming couplets!

In our afternoon sessions the children have been practising writing their names - a useful skill for when they transfer to school in September as well as exploring mixing colours. The afternoon children are particularly enjoying listening to a new book "Mrs Rainbow" and answering questions about the story to a quiz afterwards.




























Aliens love Underpants
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This week while thinking and talking about Mother's Day and all the wonderful things our Mummys do for us we have been continuing to explore rhyming through some popular stories. This week we have looked specifically at Aliens Love Underpants and the children have been busy designing their own underpants for our display and then helping us discover some rhyming words to write on them. Please do take a look at them above our interactive display in the hall. Our display in the lounge is also beginning to develop as the children create something each week linked to the story we have been exploring.

Sunshine and Showers
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This week we have turned our attention to warmer things and focussed on sunshine and showers. The children have learnt a new song about a rainy day "Umbrellas up, up, up. The rain comes down, down down". In our P.E. sessions we have used our parachute and the children have enjoyed using it with soft play balls on top to represent the rain drops for our new song. 

In our small groups we have as always focused on listening, rhyming and phonics and the children have enjoyed using our new phonics bus which has 26 children on - each name beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. The children have also been able to do some simple sound blending with this resource which they have really enjoyed.



Each Peach, Pear Plum
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This week we have started our rhyming stories theme by looking at a classic book "Each Peach, Pear Plum" and the children have been listening out for rhyming words in a variety of books and situations.  

The children have made some peach, pear and plum trees for our rhyming book display in the lounge and we are going to add on some new art work each week as we explore some other rhyming books.  The boys have particularly enjoyed reading "Aliens Love Underpants" this week and so we are going to explore this further next week and the boys are keen to create their own design underpants for our display.



Thunder and Lightening
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This week we have spent quite some time exploring sound using our instruments and in particular our rain maker and thunder drum. During P.E.the children have had the opportunity to move quickly to the rainmaker and then pretend to take shelter when they hear the thunder drum. Meanwhile at music time they have been exploring playing the instruments quietly with the rainmaker and loudly with the thunder drum as well as exploring different speeds and rhythms with the instruments. On Friday morning the children got the chance to make their own rainmakers which they loved.

During our extended sessions the children have enjoyed dressing up as Goldilocks and The Three Bears and re-enacting the story with their own little twists. We even made some porridge...........