At Pals we offer a warm welcome to each child and their family, we aim to provide a secure and stimulating environment with high quality education and care. 

We believe that children and parents are entitled to courtesy and prompt attention to their needs. Our intention is to work together with parents, and we are always willing to make a time to discuss any concerns you may have. In order to achieve this we operate the following complaints procedure:

Stage 1  If anyone is uneasy about any aspect of the group’s provision it should first be brought to the attention of the manager.

Stage 2 If no satisfactory outcome is reached, or if the problem recurs then the parent or carer should put their complaint in writing to the manager. The Pre-school will notify receipt of the complaint within 28 days of receiving it. We have a complaints book where any such complaint will be logged.

Stage 3 In the unlikely event that a satisfactory agreement cannot be reached then a meeting will be held with the manager, deputy manager and the parent.  The parent should have a friend or partner present.  An agreed written record will be kept of this meeting. All parties present will sign the record and receive a copy of it.

Stage 4 If the situation still remains unresolved, then an external mediator is invited to help settle the complaint. The person should be acceptable to both parties, be able to listen to both sides and offer advice. He or she should keep all discussions confidential and may hold separate meetings with the parties involved if this is helpful. Once again a written record of any meetings and advice given will be recorded.

Stage 5  If in the unlikely event the situation is still unresolved, the complaint should be forwarded on to Ofsted.  Parents may approach Ofsted at any time during the procedure. The Pre-school will provide Ofsted, on request with relevant written documentation. The phone number for Ofsted is as below:

0300 123 1231