At Pals we take the administration of medicine very seriously and follow the guidance from Ofsted “Giving Medication to Children in Registered Childcare”. We will only administer medication to Children if it is not possible for the parent or carer to administer it before or after the session. We will administer medication that has been prescribed by a doctor, dentist, qualified nurse independent prescriber or pharmacist independent prescriber. If we are requested to administer a prescribed medication we will check to ensure that the name the medicine is prescribed to is the child before administration.

If a parent wishes us to give over the counter medication we will ask the parent to fill in a medication form stating when the dose should be administered and to state the health reason for administration.

It is not recommended that any child under 16 years of age should be given medicine containing aspirin, and we will therefore not administer any medication containing aspirin unless we know that a doctor has prescribed this specifically and only if it has to be administered during the session.

In order to administer any type of medication we must have prior permission for each type of medication and will require a further signature at the end of any session in which we have administered any medication to acknowledge this. The member of staff administering the medication will record the time and date that the medicine was administered and the form will be signed and countersigned. We will then monitor the child during the rest of the session to note any reaction to the medication.

Regular audits will be carried out on documentation and storage of medication to ensure that systems are being carried out safely. We take safeguarding of children very seriously and will therefore monitor any situation where we feel a child is being given frequent medication or appearing to develop constant illnesses to ensure that no child is suffering induced or pre-fabricated illnesses.

Should a child become ill or have a long term medical condition then we will work with the family and any medical team to ensure that staff are fully trained in administration of medicines and have the confidence to assess the child’s well being. We will not discriminate against any child on the grounds of illness or necessary medication.

Any medication will be stored on the top shelf to the right of the sink in the storage cupboard only accessible by staff. If the medication needs refrigerating then it will be stored in a sealable box in the fridge. Staff will be trained in the administration of medicines such as epipens or inhalers, should the need arise.

If your child requires potential intervention such as an inhaler or Epipen then we request that such a device is prescribed to be left at the premises at all times. In the case of an Epipen as per medical practice we ask that two devices are left on the premises. This ensures that the child receives the correct medical intervention in case of emergency.