At Pals we believe that regular attendance optimises your children’s emotional and learning experiences within the setting. It is a statutory requirement which forms part of our safeguarding duty that we complete an attendance register and that we monitor absences. If your child is unable to attend Pals for any reason we ask that you let us know either by phone, text or email. If we do not hear from you then we will endeavour to contact you that day. 

We do of course understand that there are legitimate circumstances when a parent will request a leave of absence for example for a special event and we would ask you to notify us either by letter or email in advance on such occasions.

We would also ask that you arrive with your child punctually in the morning as staggered arrivals have an impact on the children’s involvement within the setting. This helps us to maximise the learning experience of the children whilst in our care.

If you are planning to be away on holiday or for family business during the term we ask you to complete an absence form telling us how many days your child will be absent from the setting. It is the London Borough of Bromleys’ policy that they will fund no more than 3 weeks absence due to such events in any one term.