Equal opportunities


Pals works in accordance with all relevant legislation including:


The Children’s Act 1989 and 2004


Race Relations Act 1976 amended by the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000


Education Act 1993


Human Rights Act 1998


Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice 0-25 years




Every Child Matters (Helping children to make a positive contribution) 2004


Equality Act 2010


The Prevent Duty


At Pals we acknowledge, respect and promote diversity within the setting and the wider community and society and reflect this in our equipment and activities. We firmly believe that every child should be given an equal chance to learn, work and live free from discrimination, harassment and prejudice. We therefore actively promote this ethos within the setting and will not tolerate discrimination in any way. Our equal opportunities policy is reflected in every area of our pre-school and forms the basis for all our other policies, planning and procedures and our curriculum planning. The staff act as positive role models for the children within our care.



The Pre-school is open to every family in the community. Parents are able to access information regarding the pre-school via both the Local Authority’s and the Pre-school’s own website. We operate a fair waiting list for admissions, arranged in order of date of application. However, priority may be given to older children due to start school or with specific urgent needs. We also consider siblings already attending the pre-school; please see our admissions policy for full details. We believe we have a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where even the shyest child may be able to find his feet and join in all that is on offer, and where everyone feels included and valued. We value diversity and therefore welcome children and adults from all backgrounds, regardless of their religious persuasion, racial origin, cultural and linguistic background, sex, social group or disability. We monitor ethnic data on employment and admissions to help us ensure that we are not discriminating in any way.

 All children are welcomed and valued within the setting. If your child is not yet toilet trained then we ask that they wear trainer pants rather than nappies where possible, as we do not have facilities for changing units. However, if your child is in nappies, then we would ask you to leave a changing mat together with spare nappies and clothes. We will then change your child on his own mat. The child will not be changed in front of other children thereby maintaining his dignity. We will ask you to give us written consent to change your child and we will inform you if we have needed to change him.


Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

 If a child has special needs then they are welcomed and included in the setting. Teresa Robinson is our Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator (SENCO) and we work closely in partnerships with parents to meet the individual needs of all children in our care. We also work with a variety of outside agencies in order to meet children’s varied needs. We plan individually for all children in our care and therefore children with any specific needs will not be over-looked. We adjust activities and adapt equipment where necessary to provide the right amount of stimulation, challenge and sense of achievement for each child.


We aim to work together with parents and carers and encourage them to share information about their children’s needs. These may relate to the individual child’s stage of development, specific needs or race and background. Please see our Parents as Partners Policy for further information. We communicate regularly in a variety of ways and aim to ensure that all families can access this information. Where necessary we will endeavour to translate any information or find a translator to verbally relay information. It is also possible to receive all our written information either verbally or by audio voice recorder.



Pals advertise any job vacancies in a variety of locations such as Bromley Borough Website, local colleges and schools and local notice boards. We will not discriminate when we employ new staff. This will ensure that the best person is appointed to deliver our service. We will consider applicants for jobs on the basis of their relevant experience, qualifications, skills and abilities. We will aim to create a workforce that is representative of the local community. Any prospective candidates will be invited in to spend some time in the setting. This will give the staff an opportunity to share in the recruitment procedure and therefore ensure that it is a fair appointment.


As an organisation using the Disclosure and Barring Service, we comply with the DBS code of practice. All staff and regular volunteers are subject to a DBS and List 99 check. In line with recommended good practice we renew all DBS checks every 3 years. We are committed to the fair treatment of our staff, potential staff and everyone who uses our pre-school regardless of background. We select all candidates for interview based on their skills, qualifications and experience.


The Curriculum

All children will be respected and their individuality and potential recognised and encouraged.We welcome each child regardless of gender, race, religion or disability, and offer access to the curriculum at each child’s own level. We observe each child, and adapt activities according to their individual needs and interests. We aim to reflect a wide range of children, families and lifestyles through the curriculum and equipment provided, and encourage all children to access all areas. For example boys are welcome in the role play area – dressing up and doing the washing and cooking in the same way as the girls are encouraged to use the tool benches etc. We recognise that children have different learning styles and offer a large range of activities to cater for this. For example we offer opportunities for writing both on a small scale at tables and in the role play area and on our huge blackboard outside. We aim to engage the children in areas that interest them; for example a child may be far more interested in numbers if it relates to football players shirts!


We endeavour to encourage the hesitant child, and stretch the more eager. The children are given the opportunity to explore, acknowledge and value similarities and differences between themselves and others. Music, stories, art activities, cooking and role-play are some of the ways these things are explored. We aim to show respectful awareness of all the major events in the lives of the children and families in the pre-school, and in our society as a whole, and to welcome the rich diversity of the children’s backgrounds.



 We recognise the religion of all families represented, but do not teach about this aspect of the children’s lives. We do however make children aware of different festivals and celebrations through activities, resources and stories. We ask all families for any information on festivals and celebrations they share at home, and use this as part of our planning process. We offer activities that will enhance children’s knowledge of other cultures.



 We welcome children for whom English is an additional language and endeavour to provide a range of resources suitable for each child. We work with these children on a one to one basis to support their acquisition of English while encouraging their continued use of their primary language. Where possible we will do our utmost to provide books and equipment that reflects the children’s backgrounds and therefore make them feel valued and included. Bilingual children and adults are an asset and will be valued and their languages recognised and respected at Pals. We regularly greet the children in a variety of languages – including sign language – thus broadening their understanding of ways to communicate. We have both books and posters in different languages, again including sign language. We also have a wide variety of familiar children’s books in dual languages. Where appropriate we share these books with home, thus encouraging the child to feel familiar with the story, both in his first language and also in English. We encourage parent’s to share everyday words with staff and we endeavour to use this to make each child feel at home and secure while in our care. We are also always very pleased if a parent can help in the setting teaching us a song in their first language or by story telling.


Resources and Environment

 We have a wide range of resources, which give the children a balanced view of the world, and an appreciation of the rich diversity of our society. We aim to show a wide variety of cultures, family lifestyles and different abilities through our resources. We also endeavour to provide development and age appropriate resources suitable for children’s varying needs, and ensure the resources can be accessed by all the children. We hold fund raising events twice a year, which enables us to provide high quality equipment suitable for individual current needs. Please see our Toy and Equipment Selection Policy.


Our hall is easily accessed with no large steps to negotiate, we have a disabled toilet and our premises are large and spacious, and can therefore accommodate children for whom mobility may be difficult.


Positive images are displayed throughout the setting of a wide variety of people and places together with examples of different languages.



 While we are aware that in society discrimination is encountered, direct or indirect discrimination will not be tolerated within Pals. Should a child or member of staff appear to be discriminating they will be taken aside and spoken to about the situation. We will also reassure anyone who has been discriminated against and fully support them in the situation. Should victimisation or harassment occur, once again the person concerned will be taken aside and encouraged to discuss the situation. If a child is involved, then the parents will of course be informed and the situation discussed with them. We hope however, that with parents and staff working together to promote positive attitudes this will not occur.


Behaviour Management

 We have a behaviour management policy which all staff are aware of and follow.


While we recognise that different families have varied ways of managing their children’s behaviour we do ask all parent’s to abide by our policies and procedure for dealing with any incidents. We do always feed back the positive behaviour of the children as well as any negative at the end of a session.


The member of staff responsible for our equal opportunities policy and procedures is Teresa Robinson, she will support the development of equal opportunities and inclusion within the setting and throughout the curriculum, will aid the staff to develop in this area and monitor the policy within the group. However, commitment to our ethos on this and inclusion forms part of the job description for all workers.


As with all our policies this is regularly reviewed and monitored to ensure that it is up to date with current legislation and guidance. We also regularly monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our inclusive practices to ensure that we continue to promote and value diversity and difference.