Lost/uncollected child


Collection of children

Children will only be handed over to parents/carers, or to other authorised adults as previously arranged. We do have forms for you to fill in in advance.  If in an emergency a carer cannot get back to pick up a child, and wishes to notify us by telephone then we will operate an I.D. or password system, only allowing the child to go with someone telling us your own personal password. If for any reason there is a specific person NOT allowed to pick up your child, then we ask you to put this in writing to us and provide us with any relevant court orders etc.  We will ensure that all staff are aware of this information. If a child is not picked up after a session,he or she will be kept at the setting with a minimum of two members of staff while the hall is tidied up.  During this time, we will endeavour to get in contact with all named people on the child's application form.  If we are unable to make contact and no parent or carer has arrived then we will contact the duty officer at Bromley Social Services and follow their instructions.  Should Social Services collect the child from the setting, then a note will be left attached to the door informing the parents where the child is.


Charge for late collection of children:

Please note that if a parent or carer is consistently late in picking up their child then they may incur a late charge of £5 for every 15 minutes of part thereof that they are late.


Lost Children

While the pre-school is in session the pre-school perimeter door will be secured and access will only be granted by a member of staff.  When playing outside, the play area gate is padlocked in order to ensure the children’s safety. We do keep a register, and know how many children are in each morning, and throughout the session numbers are checked. However in the extremely unlikely situation that a child should leave the setting unattended the following procedures would be put into action:

·  The remaining children will be gathered together for a group activity, while all other staff will search for the missing child. All rooms and areas will be checked including all outside areas.

  • The child’s parents/carers will be informed.  If the parent is not at home and the child lives reasonably close, then one member of staff will make that journey on foot, in case the child is trying to get home.

·   The police will be informed as soon as it is ascertained that the child is not on the premises.

·    We will inform  Social Services and Ofsted that we have reported a missing child to the police.

·    The incident will be recorded in our accident and incident book, even if the child is very quickly found.