Nappy changing

Pals works in accordance with all relevant legislation including The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 2001. In accordance with our Equal Opportunities and Admissions policies we do not discriminate in any way and therefore no child will be excluded from our setting due to delayed personal development or additional needs.

Should a child need changing during the session a member of staff will change him quickly and discreetly away from the main hall in order to maintain the child’s dignity and privacy. A child will only be changed by a permanent member of staff who holds a current DBS check.

If your child is still in nappies or pull ups when they start at the pre-school we will ask you to sign a consent form giving us permission to change their nappy. You will be informed at the end of the session if your child has needed changing and if necessary how many times during that session. Should your child be distressed or if any marks or rashes are seen, then this will also be reported to you at the end of the morning. We will also inform you if there are any changes to your child’s usual toilet habits during the session. We will liaise with you regarding potty training when and if the time is right.

We ask parents to ensure that their child is changed and/or toileted at the latest possible time before leaving him at the setting.
As we do not have purpose built nappy changing facilities we would ask where possible for your child to be put in pull ups rather than nappies and that you provide a bag with spare pull ups and wipes and creams if used. We do have a supply of spare clothes, but if your child is prone to frequent accidents then we would ask you to provide a bag with his or her own spare clothing in. Any children needing changing are changed on a changing mat (sterilised after each use) away from the main hall. We ask that the parent or carer inform the setting of any marks or rashes that your child may have, agree to review the arrangements regarding changing your child should this be necessary and that you work and liaise with staff on potty training as and when appropriate.