Peer on peer abuse

Keeping Children Safe in Education, 2018 states that ‘Governing bodies and proprietors should ensure their child protection policy includes procedures to minimise the risk of peer on peer abuse and sets out how allegations of peer on peer abuse will be investigated and dealt with’ (page 19). The document also states it is most important to ensure opportunities of seeking the voice of the child are heard.

At Pals we understand that very young children are learning to identify and deal with their feelings and emotions and as a result they sometimes hurt each other whether physically, verbally or emotionally. Should there be an incident when we believe a child may have hurt one of their peers whether intentionally or unintentionally we always talk to the children concerned about their feelings and also encourage them to think about how they make others feel if they hurt them.

We monitor such incidents to assess whether there may be particular triggers for such behaviour and also to see if there are individual children who are often involved in such incidents and will always speak to a parent at the end of the session where possible.

We frequently remind the children of our Pals rules one of which is to be kind and the staff offer positive role models for behaviour.

Reviewed September 2018