Parents as partners

 All families are valued and welcomed within our setting. We endeavour to make our pre-school accessible to children and families from all sections of our community. Please see our admission policy for more details of this together with our information sheets which will give you some general information about opening hours, staffing, contact information and the routine of our sessions. We also have a large amount of policies and procedures which are available to all parents; this includes our complaints procedure should you ever wish to make a complaint. These are always available in the entrance hall.

Pals is privately owned and run and therefore does not have a committee, however, we welcome parent’s involvement and input in a variety of ways.

At Pals we highly value Parent’s and Carer’s as the children’s first and most enduring educators. We therefore value your knowledge and expertise with your child and always want your input to your child’s records. To this end when your child first starts with us, you will receive a small child assessment form. This gives you the opportunity to give us a little insight into your child, and for you to be able to tell us what your child is able to do. We are of course always happy to discuss any concerns you have, whether about settling in or anything at a later stage. We do ask you to inform us of any change of circumstances or any issues which may affect your child. Children can pick up very easily on anxiety, and even if a grandparent is ill, it can affect the child.   Any information is of course held strictly confidentially.

Once your child starts at Pals, you will be informed as to whom their key person is. Please feel free to talk to them at any time about your child’s progress. If your child commences at the pre-school before their 3rd birthday (unless they are already in some formal childcare) then we will complete a 2 year old summary for them. This enables us together with yourselves to see where your child is in their development. We are always happy to find time to talk to parents about their children’s progress or any concerns they may have. This can be done either informally at the end of a session, or if you prefer an appointment can be made. Although, we operate a key person system, you will find that all staff will be involved with and get to know your child well. We have a high staff ratio, which enables us to spend quality time with the children.


The children’s progress is monitored, and to help us do this your child’s key person will create a record of your child’s interests and developments within the setting. In order to achieve this we do sometimes keep examples of the children’s work and photographs. These records are shared regularly with parents and we welcome parent’s contribution to the records. When your child transfers to primary school, we do send on a written report which covers the 7 areas of learning outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage. Parents will be given the opportunity to look at this and record any comments on it before their child leaves us. The parents will also receive their own copy of the report.


We do from time to time have small local outings where we ask for parental help. We always inform parents of this in advance, and ask for helpers at that point. However, you do not need to wait for an outing to get involved. We operate a parent’s rota, which is on the notice board for you to put your name down if you so wish. An extra pair of hands is

always valuable, and it offers you the opportunity to spend the morning with us. Should you wish to volunteer, then we do have some written guidelines which you may find helpful.

For children who may need a little extra help in any area, we do write individual Education plans for them, and work very closely with the parent’s and where appropriate the child on this. Children are all individuals, and therefore do not all learn in exactly the same way. We therefore create individual learning plans for the children as appropriate. This cannot be done without your input.

We always inform parents of our termly and weekly plans, and are always very happy to have parents contribute to this. You will always find information on the notice board about our weekly plans and we also post the plans and a small account of our week on the website on a Friday afternoon. We encourage the children to bring in items from home, linked in with our theme, and also welcome parent’s contributions as well. You will often find information sheets in the entrance hall at the end of the sessions with ideas of how you can continue our theme at home. We also have information there about the Foundation Stage and various aspects of children’s learning.

We welcome parents to come in to talk to the children about their jobs, their home countries and events celebrated at home. We endeavour to celebrate festivals relevant to the children’s home lives, and welcome your input in this area. We like to use parents skills wherever possible, and if you feel you could contribute in any way to any of our themes, either practically or verbally, then please speak to Teresa who manages the curriculum.

Twice a year we have large parent’s gatherings: in the summer for our Summer Show and fundraising morning, and at Christmas for our Nativity and fundraising morning. This is not only an opportunity for you to get to know other parents, but could also be your chance to get involved, perhaps running a stall and raising funds for equipment.