Photos & mobile phones

As part of our record keeping and assessment process we do take photographs of the children. These are then used in the children’s records which are regularly shared with parents and carers. We have a pre-school camera which is used for this purpose, and Teresa is responsible for printing photographs. Staff members never use mobile phones or personal cameras to take photographs.

We do post photographs on our website but these are only of activities, displays and of the setting itself – never of children. We also compile photograph albums which we use to provide evidence of the pre-school’s practice for example when inspected by Ofsted but these always remain in our possession.

Occasionally we use children’s photographs when giving training either internally or externally. On these occasions additional parental permission is always sought.

Mobile Phones:

Personal mobile phones are locked in a secure box and are not used during the sessions. However, the duty managers  mobile phone is always in the hall and available to receive incoming calls and to use in case of emergency. This phone is also taken out with us when we use the wider grounds during our extended sessions - again this is necessary as a means of contact in emergency.

Internet Access:

We have a lap top for the children's use, however this does not connect to the internet which ensures both the children's online safety and also prevents misuse of the internet by any staff, volunteers or visitors.