Record keeping

At Pals we use the Bromley Record of Achievement as part of our record keeping process.  Also as part of this process we do observe and assess the children on an ongoing basis, by keeping written notes, examples of children’s work and photographs. Written consent is always obtained before taking photographs. Should a child attend any other setting then we will obtain written permission from the parent to share information with the other setting.

As part of the statutory EYFS framework we complete a 2 year old summary for any children who join the setting a term or more before their 3rd birthday. Parents/Carers contribute to this document and will receive a copy. An additional copy of the summary will be kept with your child’s Record of Achievement

With parental consent we pass on a transfer document to your child’s primary school when they leave us to go to school.  The parents are able to write their own comments on this document, and also receive their own copy.

Specific children may have individual Action Plans.  These will be based on any observations we have made, and help us to plan with the children in mind.  Any of the above records are of course available to parents and carers at any time.

We operate a key person system, and the Records of Achievement will be kept by your child’s key person. Any observations will  be kept within these documents or any relevant action plans.

The register is taken first thing in the morning to record children and staff attendance and reasons for absence.  Anyone arriving late or leaving before the end of the session is marked out.

We record details of names and times of any visitors coming into the group during the session in the diary. If any child hurts themselves whilst in our care, then the incident is recorded on a single sheet in our accident book to ensure confidentiality.

We keep a folder with the children’s emergency contact details and information relating to allergies and religious requirements.

Any information gained about children or families will be kept strictly confidential. We are registered with The Information Commissioners Office,and adhere to General Data Protection Regulations, please see the additional sheet which gives more information on the type of information held.  Confidentiality forms part of our job description and staff are made aware during their induction of the need to maintain a professional relationship with parents.