Student placement

At Pals we recognise that the quality and variety of work which goes on in a pre-school makes it an ideal place for students on placements from Early Years training and qualifications as well as work experience students. We therefore welcome students into the pre-school in co-operation with the educational providers on the following conditions.•    The needs of the children are paramount. Students will not be admitted in numbers which hinder the essential work of the pre-school.
•    The student will have a brief induction meeting in order to give them an understanding of how our pre-school is run, how the sessions are organised and of our policies and procedures.
•    All students will be mentored and monitored by a member of staff.
•    Students will be advised of health and safety procedures, and asked to fill in a health questionnaire at the commencement of their placement.
•    Students who are with us on a short term basis will not be counted in our staff ratios, if they are with us on a long term basis, then students may only be included in our ratios if over 17years of age.
•    Students must be engaged in bona fide early years training which provides necessary background understanding of children’s development and activities.
•    Students will be required to keep our confidentiality policy. Any information gained by the students about the children, families or other adults in the pre-school must remain confidential.
•    Students will not be left alone with the children at any time, and unless they have a current enhanced DBS Check students will not be allowed to take the children to the toilet or see to any personal needs.