Toys & equipment

At Pals we believe that children learn through play and pay careful attention to the toys and equipment on offer to the children in our care.  The most important factor in selecting equipment is safety.  We will not provide anything that does not comply with E.E.C. standards or that is of inferior quality. At the same time, we aim to purchase good value for money toys, therefore not passing on exorbitant costs to parents and carers in the fees.

The toys and equipment we provide will provide the children with rich experiences across the six areas of learning.

We view each child as unique and value their input into our setting and will therefore reflect their interests when selecting new equipment. We will also consider when purchasing toys, whether the item is discriminatory in any way.  We endeavour to reflect a range of ethnic groups and to provide positive images of a wide range of children, families and lifestyles.  We will not stereotype people through the equipment and books that we provide, and likewise we encourage all the children to access all our facilities. We will welcome boys in the role play area, dressing up and doing the washing and cooking in the same way we would encourage the girls to use the tool benches etc.

We hold fund raising events twice a year, this gives parent’s an opportunity to meet together as well as provide an opportunity to raise money to buy high quality equipment.