At Pals we are committed to delivering a high quality pre-school service, promoting organisational accountability and maintaining public confidence.

This policy provides our staff with protection from victimisation or punishment where they raise a genuine concern about misconduct or malpractice within the setting. The policy is underpinned by the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013, which encourages people to raise concerns about misconduct or malpractice in the workplace, in order to promote accountability. The Act covers behaviour, which amounts to:

  • A criminal offence
  • Failure to comply with any legal obligation
  • A miscarriage of justice
  • Danger to health and safety of an individual and/or the environment
  • Deliberate concealment of information about any of the above

This policy is not a substitute for our grievance procedure, but is designed to nurture a culture of openness and transparency within the setting, which makes it a safe and acceptable place for employees and volunteers to raise, in good faith, a concern they may have about misconduct or malpractice.

An employee or volunteer who, acting in good faith, wishes to raise such a concern should normally report it to the manager (or deputy if the matter pertains to the manager) who will advise the employee or volunteer of the action that will be taken in response to the concerns expressed. Concerns should be investigated and resolved as quickly as possible.

If an employee or volunteer feels the matter cannot be discussed with the manager then they should contact the Early Years and Childcare Quality and Sufficiency Team within the Borough or Ofsted for advice on what steps to follow.

Confidentiality will be maintained wherever possible and the employee or volunteer will not suffer any personal detriment as a result of raising any genuine concern about misconduct or malpractice within the organisation.