Picnic time
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This half term we are thinking about some of the things we do during the summer months and this week we have been talking about picnics and barbecues. The children have enjoyed singing our "We're going on a picnic" song and thinking about some foods we could put in our picnic basket. On Tuesday afternoon the children thought about which foods have pips or stones as they sorted fruit and vegetables and on Wednesday morning they were able to do some observational drawing of both fruit and veg. Meanwhile we are beginning to prepare for our summer show, the children are practising their songs and P.E to show all the parents and we are creating some back drops with the children to accompany some of the songs. It's going to be great.........



The Royal Wedding
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On Monday we staged our own wedding with Bramble and Rosie. The staff created our very own chapel in the hall and the children were all invited for the ceremony where Bramble's great uncle officiated!!  I think the children enjoyed the event and we have put a few photos up on our easel in the entrance hall for you all to see. Rounding up our Local World theme we have kept our Bus station in the role play area which the children have really enjoyed. They have had all sorts of adventures including catching the train to go mountain climbing! On Friday the children did some observational drawings of some London Landmarks using our role play London set and also books and postcards for inspiration.




The Museum
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This week we have created a museum cafe in the role play area and the children have enjoyed an archeological dig in the sand tray outside where they have discovered some ancient dinosuar bones!

On Tuesday afternoon the children planted lots of seeds which we are hoping will result in some beautiful flowers with the help of our new mini greenhouse!

Meanwhile on the art table we have created  a London Bus as we are planning to think about London next week in the run up to the Royal Wedding

London Transport
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This week the children have become mini architects and designers. Not only have they created a London bus they have also restructured some of London's famous landmarks including Big Ben, Tower Bridge and The Shard. Do please take a good look at our role play area and interactive display table in the hall.

The Royal Wedding has caused a bit of a flutter at Pals as it has prompted a whilrwind romance between Bramble and Rosie Bear and they are now both all dressed and ready for the ceremony. The children are going to help celebrate both weddings with Iced Biscuits (red, white and blue of course) and Cucumber sandwiches!

Meanwhile outside not only are our potatoes growing rapidly - the seeds we planted last week are all beginning to sprout in our new greenhouse.


The Post Office
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This week the children have enjoyed our role play post office where they have been very busy posting and delivering letters and parcels. On the graphics table they have made their own stamps and written letters to Dear Zoo asking for a pet.

Outside - rain or shine - the children have enjoyed our new mud kitchen (even though we have no mud in it yet!). It really is a multi functional building and they have enjoyed using some new pots, pans, sieves etc in there. Also outside our potatoes are growing nicely and the children are ensuring that we water them every day





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