Mothers Day 2020
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We are so pleased that we were at least able to celebrate all our wonderful Mums at Pals this week.  The children created some lovely artwork on tiles and we hope that this will be a keepsake for many years to come.  

It was with really heavy hearts that we said goodbye on Friday knowing very well that it will be some weeks before we see each other again. For their final story Nicola and Laura used one of our story sacks and put on a wonderful puppet show of "The Gruffalo". Take a look at our picture gallery.....

The Little Red Hen
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This week the children have been making bread and we have explored the story of "The Little Red Hen" with them.  

They have had the opportunity  to mix dough and leave it to rise before taking it home to be baked in the oven and also to mix the ingredients to put in the bread machine and then smell the lovely aroma as the bread cooked before eating it... delicious!!

The children enjoyed joining in with the repeated refrain in the story of The Little Red Hen. "Not I said the cat" "Not I said the rat" "Not I said the pig" "Then I shall do it myself said the little red hen"

It's a really good story to use to explore helping one another.


Pancake Day
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This week we have been looking especially at the story of "The Big Pancake". Although is is an old classic the children have loved listening to the story and have really enjoyed joining in with the repetitive refrains throughout and realising the similarities between this story and one of their favourite tales "The Gingerbread Man". 

Having made pancakes for snack time on Tuesday morning the afternoon children joined in with acting out the story as they pretended to mix their batter, pour into their frying pans and toss them into the air!

We have also introduced a new story sack to our collection this week and the children have enjoyed listening to the new story "The Itchy Bear" several times and have also been able to retell the stories with the puppets.

St Davids Day and World Book Day
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This week we have been celebrating both St David's Day by creating some dragon flags and observational drawings of our daffodils and also celebrating World Book Day. At Pals we love books and as a result the children are familiar with many stories, and this week they have been able to have a go at making their own illustrations for some or our most popular ones.  Interestingly we have explored three Julia Donaldson books: The Gruffalo,"Jack and the Flum Flum Tree" and Stick Man by making Gruffalo faces, having a go at creating our own giant patchwork sack for our display and making our very own stickman!


Bird Watch week and Valentines Day
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This week we have participated in the RSPB Big School Bird Watch which is a favourite annual event at Pals thanks to our wonderful surroundings.  The children enjoyed standing in their "hide" (Ok we know it is really a puppet theatre with some green camouflage netting over it) and looking for bird fly past the lounge window. The use of our binoculars greatly enhanced the bird spotting and we saw a variety of birds during the hour including Robins, Blackbirds, Magpies, Great Tits, Pigeons, sparrows, blue tits and seagulls.  The children are able to identify which type of bird they see using our RSPB cards

Meanwhile on the activity table this week the children have created a wide variety of bird art together with various works of art for people they love. Happy Valentines Day....!!



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