• The Main Hall

  • It's raining

  • Our Arctic Role Play Area

  • Help our Arctic Foxes are frozen!

  • Winter Wonderland

  • Our Leaf Creatures

  • Exploring Autumn

  • Down on the Farm

  • Gone Milking

  • Autumn painting

  • The Scarecrows Wedding

  • Camping Role Play

  • Make your own Mini Beast

  • Looking at similarities and differences

  • Exploring Minibeasts

  • Pals Train Station

  • Retrieving information from books

  • We made our own Seaside

  • Porthole Portraits

  • Our Transport Display

  • Have you travelled to London?

  • Understanding the World

  • Our Forest area

    With special thanks to Luke from A & B Tree Care

  • Watering our Potatoes and Onions

  • Our Phonic Sounds

  • Small World Play

  • Handa's Surprise

  • Autumn Counting

  • Forming Letters

  • Our Role Play Library

  • We Can Make a Rainbow

  • Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs

  • Our Dinosaur Models

  • Our Bird Watching Hide

  • We made a Jungle Obstacle Course

  • We built a den

  • Our Hen House

  • Parachute games

  • Pals Castle

  • Our Winter Scene

  • Our Winter Pictures

  • Our Mothers Day Cards

  • How many Inuits?

  • Where Do You Live?

  • Our Carrot Crop

  • Harvesting Our Potatoes

  • Role Play Garden Centre

  • Our autumn paintings

  • Ten Green Bottles

  • Exploring Autumn Colour

  • Pals staff

  • Autumn Leaves are Falling down

  • We painted to music at different tempos

  • A visit from some baby chicks

  • Our Russian Dolls

  • Our London Display

  • Exploring the seaside

  • Tissue Paper Sunflower

  • Mixing Colours

  • Exploring Paint Outdoors

  • Our Bird Display

  • Role Play Vets

  • Our Phonics

  • Exploring Texture

  • Bear Snores On

  • Collage Numbers

  • Montessori Addition and Subtraction

  • Montessori Cylinders

  • Our Rangoli Patterns

  • Understanding the World

  • Our Maths Table

  • Welcome to Pals

  • Pals Art Gallery

  • Matching Numeral to Quantity

  • All ready for our Summer Show

  • Our Stone Bugs

  • At the Seaside

  • Our Ice Cream Shop

  • We have been to the Zoo

  • Our Summer Display

  • Our 3D Dear Zoo Display

  • Our Seaside Display

  • Exploring Animals

  • Our Outdoor Spring Display

  • Our Tin Foil Lizards

  • Safari Animals

  • Our Camouflage Animals

  • I Spy Animals

  • We all went on Safari

  • Down in the Jungle

  • Role Play House

  • Frogs and Snails

  • Outdoor book area

  • Matching environmental colours

  • String Painting

  • Our camouflage den

  • Our apple bird feeders

  • Orienteering

  • Tactile numbers

  • Mark making outdoors

  • Owl Babies

  • Outdoor play

  • The book corner

  • Exploring geometric shapes

  • Dear Zoo

  • Porridge Oats

  • We explored textures

  • Our owl house

  • Some of our favourite stories

  • Our winter nature collage

  • Role play hospital

  • Winter weather

  • Our Arctic display

  • Our junk model snow robot

  • Polar Iceberg

  • Role play shop


My son absolutely loves Pals. He talks about it when he's not there and is very fond of the staff, most recently he's taken to making pictures and paintings at the weekend for Teresa and the others which is lovely to see as a parent! I feel very confident that he is well looked after and has a stimulating and fun time when he's there. The set up is warm, welcoming but above all very organised and this is immediately apparent when you step into the hall. I just wish I'd known about Pals before and sent my older son there! Thank you so much.
Posted By: Liz Garcia
My daughter has had a brilliant pre-school experience at Pals. She has always been happy to come and misses it during the holidays! The staff are very warm and welcoming and demonstrate a genuine affection for the children.
As we begin to prepare for her to start school in September, I know that she already possesses many of the skills she will need to be able to enjoy school, thanks to her experience here. We are glad that we will be able to continue our relationship with Pals when my other child joins in time to come.
Thank you for all your hard work in making the children's first experience of education so positive.
Posted By: Vikki
Having taken a year to settle into his previous pre-school, Sam has felt happy at Pals from day one. The team take a genuine interest in getting to know the children and we have been really impressed by how well they have got to know Sam is such a short period of time. The staff promote a really personal approach to childcare and the atmosphere is happy and caring. The facilities and activities are also excellent and we feel that Sam has developed so much in a short time.
It's a pleasure dropping him off as we know that he is going to have a lovely morning and is in very good hands.
Pals was recommended to me and I will certainly be recommending it on to others.
Posted By: Kate
I can highly recommend Pals preschool. Teresa and the team are fantastic with the children and parents alike. They are patient, fun and welcoming. They take time to speak to each child as they enter the setting. My daughter really enjoys going and loves the variety of activities and toys available. The learning folder is very detailed and personalized to my child – it gives a really good idea of how my child is progressing. Teresa and the team work very hard and it shows in the level of care and attention that my child receives. 10 out of 10!
Posted By: Janett
“I knew from the start that I picked the perfect pre-school for Jessica. Thank you so much for providing such a kind, welcoming environment for Jessica to start her pre-school life. It’s such a comfort to feel confident your child is happy and being cared for and taught so well and to see that reflected in her development after the last 2 years.”
Posted By: Lorna
“My friends recommended Pals to me and I could not have sent my daughter to a better place. I am so pleased that I sent her to Pals and I could not recommend it more to others. Thank you – you have given my daughter the BEST start and I am so grateful.”
Posted By: Amanda
“Even though he only attends Pals once a week and 3 times at a day nursery, he talks about his friends and teachers at Pals much more. I am so happy with his development so far. I do know that all of this would not be possible if he wasn’t surrounded by people who love and encourage him. At Pals I am absolutely sure he has it all so well done to all the staff.”
Posted By: Priscilla
“I've always thought what a super pre-school you run and have been particularly impressed with the way you talk to children. I remember our first visit when Ted was a baby and Freddie was off exploring the hall and while I was sitting down reading some of the documents, several toddlers confidently come up to me and started chatting about all sorts of imaginative things, I decided then that it was an inspiring environment and I wanted my boys to be part of it.”
Posted By: Sarah
“This is a wonderful place and our granddaughter has been so lucky to be here – she has thrived. We cannot thank you enough for the nurture, kindness and care. If you want your child to go somewhere you want it to go to the best”.
Posted By: Grandma

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