• The Main Hall

  • A Rainbow of Weather

  • Role Play Builders Yard

  • We made a stained glass caterpillar

  • Our caterpillar

  • Stained Glass Butterfly

  • Mud, mud, glorious mud

  • Bird Watch Week 2021

  • Our Spring Collage

  • Mixing colours

  • Numberland

  • Our Australian Outback became an African Plain

  • The Koala Who Could

  • Sealife

  • A Squash and a Squeeze

  • We made our own stick men

  • Stick Man

  • winter Story Board

  • Autumn Finds

  • Exploring Colour with Sawdust

  • Autumn Parachute Fun

  • Fireworks

  • Colour Mixing

  • Dinosaur Habitats

  • Worm Hunting

  • Phonic Meatballs

  • We Explored Dear Zoo

  • Outdoor cooking!

  • 4 Little Men in a Flying Saucer

  • Our Outdoor Area

  • Last day at Pals for a while.....

  • Our Interactive Weather Display

  • Our Chinese Dragon

  • Chinese Numbers

  • Our Sushi Cafe

  • Celebrating Chinese New Year

  • Our Story Board

  • Story Time in the Log Area

  • Our Nature Walk Finds

  • Autumn Days

  • We Love Books!

  • Autumn Leaves Are Falling Down

  • Our Hibernating animals

  • Fizzy Mud

  • Our Forest area

    With special thanks to Luke from A & B Tree Care

  • Outdoor Numbers

  • Exploring Autumn Colour

  • Our Hedgehog House

  • Exploring Autumn

  • Our Pumpkin Hedgehog

  • Leaf Man

  • We made Focaccia Bread

  • Easter Display

  • Exploring 3D shapes

  • Experimenting with Torches

  • Parachute Games

  • Let's visit the Farm

  • Ready Steady Go

  • Animal Patterns

  • Our Favourite Books

  • We're Going on a Bear Hunt with a String Quartet

  • We made Noah's Ark

  • Small Storytelling Group

  • Bird Watch Week

  • The Gallery

  • Our Maths Board

  • Could it be a dinosaur?

  • Winter weather

  • Our Winter Scene

  • Music in the Air

  • November Celebrations

  • Our Numicons

  • It's Christmas

  • All Aboard

  • London Architecture

  • London Tour

  • Pals Big Red Bus

  • Pals Train Station

  • Dinosaur Landscape

  • Rhyming Stories

  • Down on the Farm

  • Let's go to the Seaside

  • Retrieving information from books

  • It's raining

  • Help our Arctic Foxes are frozen!

  • Autumn Counting

  • Our Leaf Creatures

  • Autumn painting

  • Camping Role Play

  • Make your own Mini Beast

  • Looking at similarities and differences

  • Exploring Minibeasts

  • Our Transport Display

  • Have you travelled to London?

  • Understanding the World

  • Montessori Cylinders

  • Our Maths Table

  • Our Phonic Sounds

  • Pals Castle

  • Small World Play

  • Handa's Surprise

  • Forming Letters

  • Winter Wonderland

  • Our Role Play Library

  • Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs

  • Our Dinosaur Models

  • Our Bird Watching Hide

  • We made a Jungle Obstacle Course

  • We built a den

  • Matching Numeral to Quantity

  • Tactile numbers

  • Mark making outdoors

  • Our Winter Pictures

  • Our Arctic Role Play Area

  • Our Mothers Day Cards

  • Where Do You Live?

  • Watering our Potatoes and Onions

  • Our Carrot Crop

  • Harvesting Our Potatoes

  • Role Play Garden Centre

  • Our autumn paintings

  • Autumn Leaves are Falling down

  • We painted to music at different tempos

  • A visit from some baby chicks

  • Exploring Texture

  • Exploring the seaside

  • Tissue Paper Sunflower

  • Mixing Colours

  • Exploring Paint Outdoors

  • Our Bird Display

  • Our Phonics

  • Role Play Vets

  • Montessori Addition and Subtraction

  • Our Camouflage Animals

  • Bear Snores On

  • Collage Numbers

  • Understanding the World

  • Welcome to Pals

  • Pals Art Gallery

  • All ready for our Summer Show

  • Our Stone Bugs

  • At the Seaside

  • Our Ice Cream Shop

  • Our Summer Display

  • Our 3D Dear Zoo Display

  • Our Seaside Display

  • Our Outdoor Spring Display

  • Safari Animals

  • I Spy Animals

  • We all went on Safari

  • Down in the Jungle

  • Role Play House

  • Matching environmental colours

  • Our camouflage den

  • Our apple bird feeders

  • Orienteering

  • Our owl house

  • Outdoor play

  • The book corner

  • Exploring geometric shapes

  • Dear Zoo

  • Porridge Oats

  • We explored textures

  • Some of our favourite stories

  • Our winter nature collage

  • Role play hospital

  • Our Arctic display

  • Our junk model snow robot

  • Role play shop


Pals is top of the league as far as pre-schools go.The care is outstanding, it has a wonderful culture of warmth, friendliness, caring, encouraging and nurturing. As a working parent I am kept informed regularly and made to feel involved. in all my child is doing.
Words cannot describe what a wonderful place Pals is.
Posted By: Jenny
I think Pals is an exemplary pre-school. The location is beautiful and safe and enables a huge variety of activities.
Staff always make a point of giving me extra insight into special things my child has done and responsibilities she has been given.I trust the staff and their feedback implicitly.
Posted By: Liz
We put a lot of time into choosing a pre-school for our daughter; everything needed to feel right, from the setting itself, to the staff, the facilities and the general feeling when we walked in the door with our daughter.

Pals was our first choice and over the weeks and months since we made the decision, it became clear it was the perfect pre-school for us. The staff were not just supportive of us, but caring and intuitive too - to see our daughter having cuddles with her key worker was just lovely. As well as being nurtured she learnt so much too, something that Pals included us in along the way; it felt like a partnership. We would regularly see her artwork and be able to read about her progress along the way in her book.
Pals introduced us to the world of schooling in such a positive way that we'll remember it forever.
Posted By: Paul and Rachael
My son joined Pals for his last term before school and I just want to say thank you for bringing the sparkle back into his eyes.
He's always singing songs from pre-school. I noticed before he tended to whisper during his imaginary play- now he's louder and more vocal. He's much more confident and will tell me words that rhyme. The biggest difference I've noticed is his speech development. He's much more clear now and I think everyone talking to him (at his level) has made a huge difference.
He leaves Pals feeling valued and listened to -thank you for making him feel like that.
Posted By: Janett
Pals is a wonderful school, the team are fabulous and make all the children feel welcome and cared for. our daughter has come on in leaps and bounds since joining and always talks about her lovely teachers and friends at Pals. I would reccommend anyone to send their children to this lovely school.
Posted By: Nina Jeal
We cannot thank the staff at Pals enough for the care and attention they have given to our daughter. She has been extremely happy at Pals and has blossomed both educationally and socially under their charge. We cannot recommend this pre-school enough and will hopefully be able to send our son to the all new Pals in their new premises in a couple of years time. Thank you.
Posted By: Lucy-Ann
What can I say? Two very happy children have passed through Pals - and I feel they have been wonderfully cared for every step of the way.
Pals go the extra step for the children - way beyond the curriculum - I would recommend it to anyone.
Thank you!
Posted By: Helen
I'm so glad I choose Pals as a first pre school for my son. When he started 1 year ago he wasn't talking that much, now he talks a lot and has gained more confidence. He loves being at Pals and during the weekend he tells me he wants to go to school. The staff are very helpful and friendly to all the kids, my son is talking more and more at home with more new words from school. Thanks Teresa, for giving my son a place and I'm looking forward for my younger son to start at Pals. Mary
Posted By: Mary Mia Kasama
Pals has been a huge and valuable part of our lives over the past three and a half years. Both my daughter and son have had a very positive experience at Pals.
The members of staff are genuinely caring and have the children's best interest at heart. They are approachable and communicate well with parents/carers. My children gained the confidence and skills that they needed to start their school life and excelled in all areas of development through playing and having fun at pre school. Both children often say to me "Mummy I want to go back to nursery"!
And that is the very reason why I put my younger son's name on the waiting list when he was about 1 week old!! I look forward to seeing everyone at Pals again in the future. Thank you to Teresa and all the lovely staff at Pals.
Posted By: Debbie Westover
My son absolutely loves Pals. He talks about it when he's not there and is very fond of the staff, most recently he's taken to making pictures and paintings at the weekend for Teresa and the others which is lovely to see as a parent! I feel very confident that he is well looked after and has a stimulating and fun time when he's there. The set up is warm, welcoming but above all very organised and this is immediately apparent when you step into the hall. I just wish I'd known about Pals before and sent my older son there! Thank you so much.
Posted By: Liz Garcia

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